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The Baobab Fare Dream

The Baobab Fare Dream

At Baobab, customers will be warmly welcomed to simply shop for items or indulge in a meal prepared with care by Nadia Nijimbere, Hamissi Mamba, and their staff. In the restaurant, breakfast, lunch and dinner menus will feature East African food items like capati, coconut rice, yellow beans, pilao rice, salted fish, cassava leaf, and plantains. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices will be prepared to order with great attention to dietary needs. In the shop, retail products such as herbs, spices, produce, fresh meat, or other groceries will be available for purchase.

Hamissi Mamba and Nadia Nijimbere are excited to share their culture with their Detroit community. Not only will Baobab serve as a place to eat and purchase East African fare, but it will also serve as a space to learn about the cultural traditions of that region.

Join Baobab for a meal while enjoying traditional and contemporary East African music!

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